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Enough Is Enough (MFM Prayer Points)

     I decree in the name of Jesus, enough of all forms of hopelessness and helplessness in your life and family.The helper of the helpless will fight for you and help you in every areas of your life that needs urgent attention in the name of Jesus.I declare,enough of failure and shame in your life,the Almighty God shall visit the foundation of your life and effects needed correction for successful accomplishment of all your heart desires in the name of Jesus.....There will be no end until you are given your rightful place.There will be no decision until a decision is taken in your favour. I decree enough of stagnation in your family,There will be no end until you receive your portion. Nothing will end except God has turned it around to work for you. You are lifted in Jesus mighty name.

   I decree enough of shame and reproach in your family,God will honour you with immeasurable elevations to overtake your competitors. Everything that pertain to shame will be brought to an end in your life and all your family. The Lord will uproot whatever constitutes obstacles in your life journey and settle you with reserved blessings in Jesus name.I decree enough of Spiritual powerlessness,The Lord will renew your strength and His grace will make you soar like eagle. Immeasurable blessings will be your portion and the defender of the defenseless will be your mouth piece. You and your household will not experience road blockage throughout this day and beyond in Jesus name..

  I decree, enough of dishonour in your life, The God of Heaven will favour you, the Earth will yield it's increase for you, everything God has created in time, space and eternity will cooperate with your destiny and work in your favour. As you lift up your eyes to God in expectation concerning your situation and family, your nakedness shall be covered, your shame shall be wiped off in the name of Jesus...The unfailing mercy of the Lord will intervene at every moments of your life and He will fulfil His covenant with you. Jehovah Elohim shall surprise you, fast track your progress and your joy shall be full and complete in the name of Jesus. It is a great day for your, go in peace and the hand of the Almighty will be upon your family for good in the name of Jesus....

POWERFUL PROPHETIC DECLARATION.....[1] All the demonic agents banking your blessings release them unto you in the name of Jesus.[2]. I destroy all the evil peace, evil agreement, evil unity, evil love, evil happiness, evil understanding, evil communication and evil gathering that are fashioned against your family in the name of Jesus.[3]. I declare that you are blessed with all spiritual blessings in the heavenlies[4] i decree all agents of frustration begin to loose their hold over your family, in the name of Jesus.[5[ enough is enough, every agents of poverty begin to loose their hold over your life, in the name of Jesus.

[6] I command, all agents of debt begin to loose their hold over your family, in the name of Jesus.[7]  all agents of spiritual rags begin to loose their hold over your family, in the name of Jesus.[8] I command, all agents of defeat begin to loose their hold over your life, in the name of Jesus.[9] Let all agents of infirmity begin to loose their hold over your life, in the name of Jesus.[10[every garment of frustration and shame upon your family be consumed with fire in the name of Jesus..God bless you as you type AMEN and share these post with friends on social media.....

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Enough Is Enough Jesus MFM


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