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CREATION-Reveals God glory.

Humans have tendencies to appreciate whatever things they can do in their lives, and this is not bad at all, times again many have displays arrogant attitude when people appreciate their hardwork, forgotten that it is God that give both knowledge and wisdom to accomplish whatever we might done in our lives.

The following creations glorifying God without giving more attention to themselves.

Observing creative work of God will motivate us to glorifying him forever.

In whatever we might accomplish let us not pay undue attention to ourselves rather let give the glory to God almighty this is because nothing we achieved in this world that is not from God almighty

How can we do this?

We need to display humility when praise by others and channel the praise to God almighty

We need to have a views of others being better than us in whatever we might have done

Always praying for God direction to be better than the way you are which is an excellent of your humility and your limitation.

Hope you appreciate this piece of writing.

Regardless of my view, comment are welcome. Thanks.

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