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ONE Thing To Do If You desireTo Succeed:

Road to success is never easy,you must encounter challenges;And only through all those challenges your spiritual muscle will grow.If you desire to achieve all your dreams and aspirations,you must renew your mind and allow all your negative past experience to die.only through this, you will attract invisible blessings to reality.

Biblically most of us have had the story of the children of Israelite and God promises to them.But due to failure of renewing their mind when they came out land of bondage (Egypt) they all perished and died except Joshua and Caleb who truely acknowledge whom the Lord is.the testimony of their mouth shows that they are worthy to be among the occupant of the promise land which is why the Lord had promised them all.(quote) only those that renew their mind for good will eat the good of the land.

Wise advice:

1:Always know God is with you no matter what you pass through.

2:God walks with what is in your mind

3: always pray to your God

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