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Some of the strongest Yoruba deities on earth

1 Sango: Shango (Yoruba language: Ṣàngó) is an Orisha, a deity in Yoruba religion. Genealogically speaking, Shango is a royal ancestor of the Yoruba as he was the third Alaafin of the Oyo Kingdom prior to his posthumous deification. Shango has numerous manifestations, including Airá, Agodo, Afonja, Lubé, and Obomin.[1][2] He is known for his powerful axe. He is considered to be one of the most powerful rulers that Yorubaland has ever produced.

2 Ogun: Ogun (Yoruba: Ògún) is a spirit that appears in several African religions. He was the first Ooni of Ife after the demise of Oduduwa. A warrior and a powerful spirit of metal work, as well as of rum and rum-making. He is also known as the 'god of Iron', and is present in Yoruba religion, Haitian Vodou, and West African Vodun.

3 Orunmila: Ọrunmila (Yoruba Ọ̀rúnmìlà) is an Orisha. He is the Orisha of wisdom, knowledge, and divination. This source of knowledge is believed to have a keen understanding of the human form and of purity, and is therefore praised as often being more effective than other remedies. 

4 Obatala: Obatala (known as Obatalá in Nigeria) is an orisha. He is believed to be the Sky Father and the creator of human bodies, which were brought to life by the smooth breath of Olodumare. Obatala is the father of all orishas (irunmole or imole). His principal wife is Yemoo.

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Afonja Airá Obomin. Sango Shango


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