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Five Paths Toward Demon Oppression and Possession

1. Dabble in the occult and paranormal. By engaging in occult and most paranormal activities such as astrology, fortune-telling, clarivoyence, etc., you are entering Satan's arena and opening yourself to demonic attack.

2. Seek aid or enlightenment from foreign spiritual influences. Passively yielding one's mind through meditation, hypnotism, yoga, etc., and seeking knowledge or information from any type of "spiritual entity" is an excellent way to become demon possessed.

3. Seek power or authority from a supernatural source. Using witchcraft, sorcery, magic, charms, voodoo, etc., to give yourself power or influence over others in a supernatural manner is asking Satan to use you.

4. Use or become addicted to drugs or alcohol. Anything that alters one's senses and places him in a passive state can allow the entrance of devils. Many under the influence of drugs or alcohol have claimed to see demons or the Devil.

5. Remain addicted to one's self. Neglecting prayer, Bible study, fellowship, witnessing, and other faith building activities can cause one to dwell constantly upon himself. He is following after Satan's will and not God's will.

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