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5 things you never knew about the Pope and his papacy.

In this article, I would be enlightening you on some facts which will broaden your knowledge on the Pope and the Catholic Church.

1) The Pope has his own special cooks: where ever the Pope travels, his cooks follow him in order to give him the kind of food he deserves and also make sure he doesn't get poisoned by anyone.

2) Pope elect Steven had the shortest stay in Power: when he was elected as Pope in 792, he died the next day due to a stroke.

3) According to a prophecy, there will be only one Pope left after Pope Francis, the prophecy has it that after Pope Frances is no longer the Pope, a new Pope called Peter will come into power and he will bring the destruction and end of the Catholic Church.

4) The Pope has no private jet: when ever the Pope pays a visit to any country, he always goes on commercial airlines which would be hired privately for him.

5) He is the only religious relevant leader in the world: this is because he has power and influence world wide and helps in changing thingsike bringing peace and harmony in the world.

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