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20 Names That Suggest Christians And Muslims Have Common Origin

Adam/Adamu: Adam is the first man God created. The account as given in Bible happens to be very similar to the one in the Koran.

Abraham/Ibrahim: Abraham is the Bible version while Ibrahim is the Koran version of the name. He remains the father of faith in both christianity and Islam.

Isaac/Ishaku: Isaac is the Bible version, while Ishaku is the Koran version. He was the second son of Abraham who was by implication, the child of promise. This was the remote cause of the diversity between the two religions.

Ishmael/Ismail: Ishmael was the son of Abraham who was given birth to by Haggar, the Egyptian maid to Sarah. He was rejected by God because the promise had been made to Sarah before her mistake.

Moses/Musa: Moses Is the Bible version, while Musa is the koran version. He was the son of the Hebrew who was raised in Pharaoh's Palace, but later used by God to liberate the Israelites from bondage.

Moses Dividing the Red Sea; Photo Source: Google

Aaron/Haruna: Aaron in the Bible and Haruna in the Koran version of the name. He was Moses' brother whom God appointed to help Moses speak to Pharaoh.

Mary/Maryam: Mary was the mother of Jesus Christ or Isah.

Joseph/Jusuf: Joseph is one of the sons of Jacob. He was sold to slavery by his step brothers, but was favoured by providence.

Jacob/Yakubu: Jacob is the second son of Isaac, who through his mother's help took away his brother, Esau's birthright.

Jesus/Isah: Jesus is the son of Joseph and Mary, whom according to the Bible is the son of God, but according to the Koran is the greatest Prophet of God ever lived, not His son.

Image of Jesus: Photo Source: Google

Solomon/Suleman: Solomon according to the Bible was the wisest king to ever rule Israel.

Gabriel/Jubril: This is one of the Archangels of God, according to both Bible and Koran

John the Baptist/ Yahaya: He was sent to prepare the way for the coming of Jesus Christ.

Job/Ayuub: Job was the man who was tried by Satan with permission from God. He later overcame temptation.

David/Dawid: David was the second King of Israel, who was chosen by God after Saul disobeyed. He's the last bone son of Jesse.

King David Playing his Harp; Photo source; Google

Elijah/Ilyas: Elijah which is referred to as Ilyas in the Koran was a prophet of God who did not die but was taken away up to heaven. Both holy book share a similar thoughts..

Jonah/Yunus: Jona is the Prophet who was swallowed by fish. because he was running away from the work of God.

Michael/Mikail: Michael which is referred to as Mikail in the Koran is one of the Archangels. He happens to be the head of the angels.

Archangel Michael Ascending to heaven; Photo Source Google

Enoch/Idris: Enoch is one of the two prophets whom God took up to heaven, without having to die first.

Elisha/Al-Yasa: Elisha in the Bible, but Al-yasa in the Koran was the servant to Elijah who took up the mantle from his master and also became a prophet of God.

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