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Re-Opening of Churches and Mosques Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic - The Pros and Cons

The world was introduced to a new virus at the tail-end of 2019 and the novel virus has since spread to become a global pandemic.

COVID-19 has had its effect on a lot of events and activities, with churches and mosques not left behind. 

With a section of the public criticizing the government's decision to open markets and banks, but still putting worship centres on lockdown, we bring to you the Pros and Cons that come alongside the reopening of these religious centres.


1. Social Distancing

The re-opening of religious centres during this period may see the gospel of social distancing violated.

Individuals for the sake of "GOD dwells in me" will most likely violate the social distancing order - which we know will not help in curbing the CORONAVIRUS.

2. Increase in the COVID19 Curve

The graph/curve of the COVID-19 has been a bit steady in the last few weeks in Nigeria, although that could be due to a lot of other factors.

The reopening of religious centres now may see the graph rise, as some individuals will prefer to convey a suspected COVID-19 case to the church instead of calling the Centre for disease control in the country. 

The COVID-19 patient may also be prayed for in church and be healed, but he/she may have infected many during the course of transit to the church. And subsequently, the CORONAVIRUS cases will keep rising.

3. Relapse

Definitely what no logical human will pray for is to see a relapse of COVID-19. Families, loved ones and friends have been separated, lost, and left in disarray due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The pandemic has changed the supposed "normal" of the world and no individual will want the virus to relapse. The activities that happen in some religious centres and how little or no distance are between individuals especially those in a relatively small building will cause a relapse of the pandemic if not properly managed.


1. Rekindling of Lukewarm worshippers 

Since the lockdown started, some Christians/Muslims have struggled to pray or have seen their prayer life diminish gradually. 

Many of them cannot wait to attend the church/mosque so as to rekindle the fire of God burning in them!

2. Source of Livelihood Restored

Without doubts, some individuals make ends meet through the Sunday services held weekly. 

From the instrumentalists to the choirs and some special guests, many individuals make money from religious centres and cannot wait for the reopening of their local religious centres.

3. Gathering to Pray against the Pandemic

The re-opening of religious centres will allow individuals to pray to God to heal our land. And how beautiful will it be for millions around the country to unite and pray for one cause!

It will even serve as an avenue for new converts if a miracle happens.

Question: Do you think the re-opening of worship centres will be a good idea at this period?

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