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"I Am A Scholar, I Know More About Fulani And Hausa Culture Than You" - Reno Blasts Hausa Man

Just recently, the popular Nigerian human right activist, Reno Omokri blasts a Hausa man who told him that he should mind his culture after he shared a picture of himself without wearing a shirt on facebook.

Below is a screenshot of what the Hausa man told him.

The Hausa man with the name 'Mahmoud Tanko Bala' said "a man without a culture is just like a vulture".

According to Reno Omokri, "I am a scholar, i know more about Fulani and Hausa culture than you". He tells the man.

"You think you have a culture? I feel sorry for you. You have a culture that predates the introduction of Islam. You also have a culture that predates the Trans-Saharan slave trade. You have forgotten it. Your fore father’s established the Nok civilisation 1000 years before Christ was born, but you have no knowledge of that". He added.

Reno Omokri added by saying "you do not have to abandon your culture to be true Muslims. You can be a Muslim and still retain your indigenous culture. Many times you laugh at Southerners. Unknown to you, you lost your own culture long ago".

"Look at you now insisting that covering of the entire body is our culture. No it is not. It is Arabic/Islamic culture. In fact, before the advent of White European colonialists, our indigenous people wore loin clothes that covered only the waist, while the top of the body was completely bare". He said.

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