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Why Men Of God And Born Again Brothers Should Marry Prostitutes - Rev. Fr. Oluoma

Rev. Fr. Oluoma, a Catholic priest based in Abuja, recently shared a thought-provoking message on his official Facebook page, advocating for men of God and born again brothers to consider marrying prostitutes. According to him, this unconventional approach could serve as an effective means of combating prostitution and rescuing those who have been lost to the streets.

Supporting his viewpoint with biblical references, he cited Hosea 1:2 and Hosea 3:1. In the former passage, Yahweh instructed the prophet Hosea to marry a whore and have children with her, symbolizing the country's abandonment of their devotion to Yahweh. Similarly, in Hosea 3:1, Yahweh commanded Hosea to love an adulteress, drawing a parallel to the Israelites' unfaithfulness to Yahweh despite His unwavering love for them.

Rev. Fr. Oluoma emphasized that Hosea obediently followed God's instructions and his marriage to a prostitute resulted in a transformation. Drawing from this example, he suggested that men of God marrying prostitutes could potentially bring about positive change in their lives. By doing so, he believes that it would be possible to address the issue of prostitution and help these individuals find a path of redemption.

Rev. Fr. Oluoma's perspective on the matter highlights the idea of using unconventional methods to tackle social issues. He proposes that by following the example of the biblical figure Hosea, men of God and born again brothers could play a role in ending prostitution by marrying prostitutes and guiding them towards a life of spiritual and personal transformation.

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