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I Was A Muslim But When I Became Troubled And Frustrated, It Was The Bible That Saved Me

Nollywood actor, Bolanle Ninalowo has opened up about his life, how he was born into a Muslim family, and remained a Muslim till he got frustrated.

In an IG live session with Mr Porsche, the muscular actor also recounted how he got into serious trouble but his family members who were Muslims weren’t able to save him.

He disclosed that he was rescued from trouble because of the bible and since then “it became my life manual.”

“Although I have only gone to church once in my entire life, I read the bible a lot. My name is Azeez; I was born into a staunch Muslim family.

When I was troubled and frustrated, it was the bible that saved me, as my parents and family members couldn’t. So, I picked up the bible and it became my life manual”, he said.

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Taiwo Olowoyo: The Bible is the word of God so he is not wrong if he says the Bible saved him.

Let’s Just try to understand wat he’s saying he finds comfort in the Bible whenever he is depressed and through the word of God which is the Bible he became save and that is all that matters. Glory be to God

Iboroma Tonoejit: Understanding is a key to life. Whatsoever we are going through we need to understand things, and how they work.

Before we gain wisdom we need understanding, and the Bible does give a clarity to that, when we spend time to read it, by allowing the holy spirit to guide us through.

Olaleye Yinka: Yes u are 100% Bible bring sucour, relief, salvation, freedom and anything we can talk about, thank God for ur life.

Ebere David Eriba: Bible is a life manual, I pity those that don’t read the Bible with all the hidden wisdom written in it. The Breath of the Almighty God.

I know few Muslims that use to read the Bible for wisdom. Not for criticism.

Prince Ebukason Victor: The name of the Lord is a strong tower and anybody that runs to it will be saved. Jesus is the away the truth and Life. He promise stand forever in our Life.

Imo Ufot: God’s power breaks every strongholds, set the captives free. Indeed His blood cleanses and purifies every infirmities in us. Jesus is Lord!

Ay Golden: Your perception differ from mine. So whatever you do, just know everything happen for a reason and success or failure can’t be attached to Religion. Everything happen when the time is right.

Samuel Godswill Ogheneriere: It means you didn’t believe in yourself and your religion.

I am a Christian but all what I know is that God the creator of the universe doesn’t belong to any religion.

So if the quaran didn’t save you it means you didn’t believe and you didn’t have faith, then and I repeat the Bible is just a book that means different things to different people.

Your faith is the most important factor in every religious beliefs.

Lastborn Xtian: U have a right to choose wat u believe, just keep d commandment and leave right to d glory of God, God is one, I don’t bring religion into serving God, ur mindset is ur belief.

Divine wisdom: The Bible is the truth, you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.

It provides all the solutions to our problems if we have the holy Spirit to help open the eyes of our understanding other the whole thing will seems meaningless.

It’s the light of the world, them that follows it doesn’t stumble because they are walking in the light of life.

Oluwatobi Subair: I don’t think this religion comparism. He’s only stating what he felt.

He found peace with the Bible while some found theirs in the Quran Kareem. Some found theirs in Buddhism e.t.c.

We shouldn’t let religion divide us. Every Nigerian Live Matters.

Wumi wuraola: We serve only one God, I wonder when religion discrimination is going to stop and that is what is causing problem in the world.

Ibrahim Mukaila Gbenga: I believe one thing being a Muslim and christian doesn’t make you unfortunate just do good anywhere you are. I believe we all serve the same God.

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