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"Every Family Is Supposed To Be Successful" - Faith Oyedepo

Do you believe that everybody is supposed to have a good life and be successful? Do you believe evil is not supposed to happen to anyone? Well, Faith Oyedepo seems to believe so.

In a message, she said that the fact that God rained blessings on the first family shows that every family is supposed to be successful. However, how correct are her thoughts?If we are to accept the world's definition of success, then the bad choices people make will bring them to the realms of success or failure. You see, God has placed life and death, blessing and curses, success as well as failure, as choices before us, and he will respect our choices. But surely, God knew that not everybody would be successful. Remember when Judas complained that the perfume Mary broke on Jesus feet could have been sold and given to the poor? Jesus told him that poor people would always be around!

However, if we go back to the beginning, we would see that poverty and failure were not part of God's original design for his people. Adam was not poor, and he wasn't a failure. Everything went bad as soon as Adam bowed the knee to Satan, and disobeyed God, putting Satan in charge of the earth. The failure we see today is not God's will.

If you want to experience the success that is God's will, then you have to connect back to his original plan. You can only do that by accepting his solution; and his solution is Jesus. People who receive Jesus have a divine advantage over people who don't. You see, God's definition of success is not based on what you have or don't have; his definition of success is based on who you have. And if you're born again, you have the presence of God perpetually. Therefore, you are already a success. Be blessed.

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Faith Oyedepo


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