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First Wednesday In April, Say This Prayer So That The Lord Will Supply All Your Needs In This Month

Today is Wednesday, April 7 and it marks the first Wednesday in the month of April. Don't also forget we are in the first seven days in the month of April and it is necessary to pray for the remaining. 

Today's prayer is all about seeking the Lord so that he will supply your needs in the new month.

Join me in prayer today for provision from the lord.


Lord, thank you fo your Protection over my life since the very day I was born.

Lord, thank you for waking me up healthy today.

Lord, thank for your Protection over my family. Father accept my thanks in Jesus Name.

Lord, as I go to work today, Protect me.

Father, today marks the first Wednesday in the month of April, please supply all my needs Financially.

Oh Lord, I shall not lack any of my basic needs in this month of April.

Almighty Father, This Month of April shall be my month of abundant blessings.

Heavenly father, in this month of April, supply all my needs financially.

Lord, in this month, I shall not lack financially.

Father, provide for me in this month of April.

Lord, feeding shall not be a problem in this month.

Father, clothing shall not be my problem in this month.

Lord, in this month, I shall have a place to call my house.

Lord, in this month, paying my children school fees shall not be a problem.

Almighty Father, provide me with a new car in this new month.

Oh lord, my business shall expand in this month.

Lord, Money shall not be my problem in this new month.

Father, I shall buy a new house this month.

Father, thank you in advance for providing and supplying my needs in this month. 

  For in Jesus Name I pray.

Don't forget to say "Amen"

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