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Reasons Why The Anger Directed At Pastors Need To Stop

Good Reasons Why The Anger Towards Pastors Should Stop

Recently there has been a lot of anger directed towards Pastors, maybe because of the recent happening since this pandemic.

If you have been following news recently, you will notice that there have been a lot of crimes that involve pastors these days. Few days ago, there was a report about a pastor that impregnated his own daughter and even helped in aborting the baby.

Weeks ago, a young girl was raped and killed right inside a church. The perpetrators were later caught and confessed that the pastor of the church paid them to kill the young girl after impregnating her.

The list goes on and on. So it can be understood why the people might be angry at pastors these days.

But look on the brighter side though, no real pastor will ever do something as bad as we have been seeing and hearing on the news recently.

There are two types of pastors, the one that called themselves and the one that God called. It is obvious that these bad eggs are the ones that called themselves.

There are a lot of good pastors in Nigeria who knows their onion. A lot of them. The reason most of us fall prey to all these fake pastors is because we do not know the Bible and due to desperation.

Let us not allow the actions of few to determine our behaviour towards the many who are truly God's servants.

Even, it was written in the Christian Holy Book (Bible) Mathew 24:11 "And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many."

Let us not forget that pastors are human beings like us. so they are prone to making wrong judgements and mistakes. not withstanding, pastors should live by example.

In all, let us stop the unnecessary anger directed towards pastors as a whole. Many of them who were called by God are still serving him diligently in his vineyard.

So unfortunate though, that the few ones who went into the ministry because of the fame and material gain are destroying the reputation that took years to build.

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