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Dear Muslims, Do This Prayer Upon Leaving And Entering Your Home To Seek Allah's Blessings

Dear Muslims, Do This Prayer Upon Leaving And Entering Your Home To Seek Allah's Blessings.

In every activities we engaged in, Islam always has a supplication for it, it's only if we don't Know. Allah said in the holy Qur'an; "ask the knowledgeable ones if you don't know"

Below are the adhkar to do upon leaving and entering your home

Upon Leaving home

BismilLahi Tawakaltu alla Lahi wa laahaola wa laa quwata illa bilLahi

In the name of Allah, I place my trust on Allah and there is no might nor power except with Allah

Prophet Muhammad said whoever leave his houseand say this short prayer upon leaving, Allah will guide,provide and protect for him till he will come back i.e Allah will suffice him

Adhkar upon entering home

BismilLahi walajina wa BismilLahi kharajina wa alla Lahi robina tawakalina

Then, As salaam alaikum warahmotullah wabarakaatuhu and enter with your write leg

It's in the name of Allah we enter, and with the name of Allah we leave, and unto Allah our Lord we rely

Prophet Muhammad said: whoever say this prayer upon entering his house will be protected from the evil of Jin, the leader of jins will tell his members that there is no place to sleep in this house tonight, he has secured his house with the name of Allah.

This is what is required from we Muslims, rather than we seeking help and protection from the sorcerer and associating something else with the oneness of Allah

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