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6 Set Of Prayers You Can Use To Seek For Grace Tonight Before Sleeping

1. My Father, my soul sinks with shame when I think of the great moments that I have given over to mean little things. Help me that I may reckon more on the value of time, and live not to tolerate life, but to have a great need for it, that day by day I may have a deeper consciousness of its appropriate use. Amen.

2. Almighty God, may I not only approve of justice and kindness, but practice it. Grant that I may be attentive to the call of work and steadfast in completing it. May I be sincere to those who are dear to me, and never falter in my support to those who are dependent upon me. Amen.

3. Loving Father, cause me to learn from nature that to have perfection I must be attentive at the beginning of growth. Help me to select with care the soil wherein I plant; and to weed and cultivate my life that it may grow to beauty and usefulness. Amen.

4. Almighty God, make me conscious of my weaknesses, and make me ashamed of my indulgences. Give me a victory over self; and may I consider more what I put in my life. May I be eager for that which will inspire me for greater aspirations. Amen.

5. God will answer my secret prayers and give me everlasting joy, I pray that I will not witness sorrow, wherever my name is mentioned for evil God will answer them by fire, I won't die untimely death, my miracle shall come before I wake up tommorow.

6. This night Lord, I pray that my season of silence is over now. There shall be shout of joy. Noise of victory. Unstoppable songs of praises in my home from now, I shall escape from that prison of stagnancy of my lineage. I declare, help that will change my present status to your desired status to locate me tonight in Jesus name. From this night I will receive miracle that will turn my to instant celebrity, my life is refreshed. My head is lifted because my appointment with victory is here in Jesus name Amen. Good Night

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Almighty God Loving Father


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