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Prayer Points That Will Help Us Defeat Money Ritual Attacks, in These Ember-Months

Before we pray let's thank God for the gift of life. Omnipresent God thank you for your divine protection beginning from January till this moment, I know if it is my power I would not be alive today, for this reason, let all glory, honor, and adoration be ascribe unto thee, in the name of Jesus.

In these Ember-Months let's pray against powers that would want to use our head for money ritual.

1. Heavenly Father protect me and my family members from the eyes of evil men, in the name of Jesus. In these Ember-Months, our head shall not be use for money ritual, in Jesus name I prayed.

2. God of Elijah, put confusion in the camp of agents of darkness and let their incantations be reverse, in the name of Jesus. From today no plot of the enemies shall prevail in our lives, in Jesus name I prayed.

3. In these Ember-Months we shall not lack the presence of holy spirit, and I pray our blessings shall overflow to the glory of God, in Jesus name I prayed, Amen.

Thank you heavenly father.

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