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Church Greatly Affected By Ban As Pastor Adeboye Schedule Virtual Meeting For 2020 Annual Convention

The Issue of Coronavirus has been worrisome as the global pandemic is ravaging all sector. The global Pandemic has affected almost all countries, including developed countries which shut down their activities for a while. If developed countries like Italy, America, Britain, France, Germany could be affected by this, then what is Nigeria that it should be left out. Nigerians had felt the impact of the global Pandemic as Government declared several phases of lockdown in a bit to curtail its spread. However, the lockdown had placed certain restrictions on the sector, ranging from the economy, to education and even religion. It has virtually upturned everything.

Nevertheless, the most talked about is the shutdown of churches as ordered by the federal government, a measure taken to reduce the spread of the virus. We all know Nigeria is a religious country with thousands of religious clerics. There are so many respected men of God in Nigeria who are so Influential home and abroad.

Following the lockdown in Lagos and a couple of other states in the country, there has been a ban on all forms of religious gatherings, forcing all churches and mosques to shut down and suspend all programmes and services. It's about three months now, since churches have been shutdown and prevented from convening their regular services. Despite reviewing the lockdown at various phases, Nigerian Government refuses to give the church a consideration. Many other public places like Markets, banks, were later opened after review, but the church was ignored.

For the first time ever in the country, that Christains have had to conduct service in their living room. It is unprecedented. As it is, there is no telling of how long the churches would remain closed and this has been a tough experience on the men of God, especially founders and General Overseers. One of the churches most affected is The Redeemed Christain Church of God.

RCCG is arguably the biggest church denomination in Nigeria, if not Africa. Pastor Adeboye, The General Overseer is a well respected man of God who weld a great Influence. Since the beginning of the lockdown, the Man of God has been hopeful and prayerful that everything will be over soonest. But as it is, there is still a ban on Religious gathering and the annual convention of the Redeemed Christain Church of God I fast approaching.

The annual convention is a yearly programme that is being scheduled for every August. Pastor Adeboye had before time announced the theme of the programme, but he never fixed a date. However, during the July Holy Ghost service, the man of God announced to his over 17 million followers that the programme will still be holding, not minding the current situation of the country.

He has fixed the one week programme for Monday, August 3rd - Sunday, August 9th, 2020. Even though it is going to be virtual, the man of God didn't succumb to the fear of lockdown. Normally, the programme is always held at the International headquarters with millions of people trooping in from all over the world.

Many Men of God had altered their scheduled plans because of the pandemic, some are not even showing concern. It is however Commendable of Daddy G.O for the step of faith he has taken in announcing the 2020 version of the yearly programme. This shows he will never succumb the pandemic. Church ban is not ministry ban, this is a proof that ban church do not change us as christains.

Pastor Adeboye remains solid in the face of pressure. He had scheduled a virtual meeting for the programme because he must obey the Government. He has shown good example by abiding by the law and making himself a subject to the law. He will not be going against the law of social gathering, but likewise will not succumb to alteration of the ministerial works. The 68th Annual Convention for 2020 will still be holding but will be a virtual meeting and the theme is WONDERFUL.

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