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3 things to change in order to attain success.

Many people have been captives to struggles of life for a period long time without actualizing success. Some people spend their lifetime struggling to succeed but all to no avail, and they end up comforting themselves with words like "it's God's will".

Meanwhile, the truth is that, it is never God's Will for anyone to struggle without succeeding, but some evil forces might device some media through which they make one to be unsuccessful, and such media must be changed.

However, God is the God of principles and He never breaks any principle that He established on earth. God has already made success available to all mankind, but has left some principles that will properly guide one to success. But some changes must occur for one to become successful.

Nevertheless, there are certain things that one need to change in his/her life before becoming successful.

These 3 things to change:

1. Change of name: The definition of some names can act as an enemy to success. God renamed Abram to Abraham, before He ((God) was able to bless and uplift him (Abraham) to a greater standard. Jabez is another case study who became mightily successful because he changed everything about his own name.

2. Change of ancestral convenant: Some people are struggling hard and not succeeding because of a powerful covenant that their forefathers made with strange spirits. Hence this requires fervent prayers and affirmation of the Lordship of Christ Jesus, and establishment of a new covenant with God by anyone affected by this.

3. Change of attitudes: There are some negative attitudes that hinder favors from God and man. Hence this attitudes need to be changed for positive ones, else success might be unobtainable.

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