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Declare these short prayers to yourself as you step out today

1. Declare that the Lord shall meet you at the point of your need today in Jesus name.

2. Declare that every arrow of sickness fired against your health catch fire in Jesus name.

3. Declare that every evil alter raised against you be destroyed by the fire of the Holy Ghost.

4. Declare that every deception of the enemy will be revealed to you.

5. Use the name of the Lord top pull down every unknown stronghold.

6. Declare that every hindrance delaying your celebration catch fire in Jesus name.

7. Declare that the word if God shall swallow up the spirit of death threatening to strike at the verge of eating the fruit of your labour.

8.Thank the Lord for the redemptive and protective power in your life.

9. Come against every satanic opposition in your life in Jesus name.

10. Every seed of sickness planted in your children's system during sleep shall wither in Jesus name.

May be Lord protect your going out and coming in today. You shall experience divine favour.....Amen

Stay Blessed.

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