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In Business Relationships And Dealings, lt's Necessary to Have Documented Agreement- Kumuyi Teaches

According to Kumuyi,"it is always important to secure all legal documents relating to any purchased property."

Citing the case of Jeremiah, Kumuyi said,"When God instructed Jeremiah to buy a piece of land in Anathoth from his uncle's son,at a time when the fall of Jerusalem was imminent,as a sign of God's faithfulness to still bring back the people from Babylon captivity,all due legal processes were observed-payment for the land,the signing of the deed and the presence of witnesses,"according to the law and custom"(Jeremiah 32:6-14)

"The church can do no less today.lnstances of persons who purportedly gave some properties to the church only to come back and demand them again can be avoided if all legal documents, and handover notes were obtained."

"Even among the brethren,in our day-day business relationships with another,it is always necessary to have a properly defined,documented and mutually understandable working agreement"

"Failure in this area in the past had given Satan opportunity to cause discord amongst brethren."

"In all,God demands that all things be done decently and in is wrong,if not foolish, to take things for granted and assume that our faith will grant the immunity if we overlook matters of documentation,probity and accountability.Let us be more serious, better focused through in all that we do".

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