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How corona helped my thought to make it a reality.

This has to do with me and I don't mean to disrespect anyone. Coming from a strong Christian family as a kid,I used to wonder what was under burka(burqa) worn by some women. Later in my life,I got to know that some Muslim women used to be under the burka.

Though,it should not be our culture as many people have accepted that religion brought it to our country.....Truth is,earlier people from where our two religions came had been using veil before them. Jewish women used veils and elite women in ancient Mesopotamia and in the Byzantine, Greek, and Persian empires(before Arabs conquered Middle East) wore veil. So,it was their culture but I Respect women using it because it denotes decency (My view).

When I went to live in Middle East, I saw how more beautiful it was to use Burka or Niqaab(Batula worn in rural areas) and I fell in love with it. I used to think how lovely it would be for the whole world to be using it. Stepping out today,I just realized Corona has partially made that to happen.

Please wear your face make,don't let police open shop on you in layman's terms

Kindly comment whatever always comes to your mind when you see people with face masks.

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