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Prayer that will break every curses in your life

Pray this prayer with all your might.

1. Oh Lord my God, Any family curse speaking against my life, my destiny, my career let that curse be broken now. prayer in Jesus name.

2. Every evil covenant I might have entered knowingly or unknowingly that is working against my progress let them be broken now. prayer in Jesus name.

3. Let the covenant of the blood of Jesus raise a standard against every evil covenant in my life. Prayer in Jesus name.

4. Every activity of family and satanic agent that is manifesting in my life let them be exposed by the fire of the holy ghost.

5. I break lose right now from every tree of stagnation to which I am tied to right now by fire. Prayer in Jesus name.

6. Every strong power that is limiting my progress, making me struggle without result, without any tangible fruit, let that power expire by fire. Prayer in Jesus name.

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God bless you.

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