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4 Symbolic Connections Between Moses And Jesus Every Christian Should Know

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Have you ever compared the lives of Moses and Jesus, do you know the symbolic connections between these two great personalities, and have you ever imagined why Moses had to come before Jesus Christ? If your answer is no, then you are on the right page. The answers to the above questions are just a few scrolls away from you. 

Though the promise of redemption came, far back since the days of Adam and Eve (see Gen 3:15), the lives of Moses and Jesus Christ were key to the realization of that divine vision. Unfortunately, many believers are yet to understand the connections between these two personalities and how their lives worked in conjunction with each other for the fulfillment of God's mission. 

In this article I will be sharing four symbolic similarities between Moses and Jesus, explaining what they represent in the mission of God.

They are both connected with Egypt

Moses was a Hebrew born in Egypt, years after his ancestors immigrated from the land of Canaan due to famine. After his birth, his life was hunted, until he found safety in the house of Pharaoh the King of Egypt. 

The life of Jesus took a similar part, he is a Hebrew and his life was also hunted immediately after his birth until he was taken to Egypt for safety. 

They were both raised as vessels to save the people of God 

The call of Moses was a call to save the Israelites from the bondage of the Egyptians. He became the symbol of a savior to them and a figure of God in their midst, providing solutions to their problems. Whenever the people had any problem, they always cry to Moses for a solution and the solutions always came.

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What Moses was to the Israelites then, is exactly who Jesus Christ is to generations past, present, and to come. He is the savior and ultimate solution to the problems of mankind, as depicted in John 3:16. 

Jesus and Moses fasted for forty days 

In Exodus 24:18, the Bible gave an account of how Moses went up the mountain and was there with God for forty days. Immediately Jesus was baptized in River Jordan, he went straight into the wilderness and remained there for forty days without food. Moses was forty days and Jesus was also forty days.

Moses divided the sea, Jesus walked on the sea 

On their way from Egypt to the promised land, one of the most remarkable wonders that occurred was the parting of the red sea by God through Moses. Scriptures have it that Moses stretched his rod over the sea and it was parted, giving way for a footpath across the water.

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In Jesus's case, he didn't bother to part the sea, Matthew 14:25 testified that he walked on the sea, thereby, defying the law of gravity. 

The meaning of these similar events in the lives of these two Bible personalities is simple. Moses came before Jesus as a savior to save the people of God but all he lived to do was a shadow and demonstration of the through savior and salvation that was to come. 

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Moses himself affirmed the above assertion when he said in Deuteronomy 18:15 "The Lord your God shall raise a Prophet unto you, from among you, a prophet like me. Unto Him shall you hearken." God used him to bring the law, while Jesus came to fulfill the law. 

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