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PRAYER: Lord, Help Me To Work With You So I Will See Heaven

The risen life is a life centered on Heaven. It is a life that declares, "Christ in me, the hope of glory. A risen life is a transformed and changed life with a "renewed mind" (Rom 12:1-21 At salvation, the believer becomes a new creation (Il Cor. 5:17).

The opening statement of Colossians 3 is a statement of fact. Since the Colossians Have been raised with Christ, they were to desire and seek those things which are above, where Christ is, sitting at the right hand of God (v. 1). The word translated "i" here is to be rendered "Since" (NIV). It introduces another "in Christ" position in Paul's teaching (Col 2:12-13: 2:20), Here, he returned to his thought about the believer's union with Christ in His death burial, and resurrection (2:9-15).

Christ's resurrection allows the Believer to be "Risen with Christ. Those raised with Christ are to, "Seek those things which are above" (v. 1). The Believer is to focus on those things that are Heavenly. Since God raised us with Christ, and we are already as good as seated with Him in Heaven, it would be wise to be Heavenly minded (Heb. 22:12:1-2) It also helps to "Set their minds on things above, not on things on is to continually "Set his/her mind on the "Things above. the earth" (v: 2). The believer

Paul speaks of believer's spiritual blessings and hope rather than on the things that are only physical and temporal (Rom. 8:5-8). Believers must not only seek heaven; they must also think heaven. Thus, believers will see everything in the light and against the background of eternity. Believers will see things, not as they appear to men, but as they appear to God. Believers are to view and evaluate everything from an eternal and heavenly perspective. They must understand that they died, and their lives are hidden with Christ in God (v. 31, understand that "When Christ appears, they will appear with Him in glory. The hidden ness of the believer will finally be revealed when Christ returns in Glory. As those risen with Christ, we should endeavor to live in the light of eternity. Our lives should bring glory to God every moment of our lives on earth.

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