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Opinion: Kdramas and reincarnation

Reincarnation, also known as rebirth or transmigration, is the philosophical or religious concept that the non-physical essence of a living being begins a new life in a different physical form or body after death.

This is a phenomenon that seems to be ever present in most kdrama (well popularly kdramas) matter of fact it seems to be a trend, for a story feels somewhat incomplete without a sprinkle of reincarnation. As much as I don't believe in the idea. I can't help but wonder sometimes if truly reincarnation did exist. Would I wish to be born again into this life? 

For a moment it seems like a pleasing idea I get to live life all over again. But then life isn't all that beautiful so what's the point of coming back to face it all over again. 

It seems quite unfair how we can't travel back in time to make another choice, pick another path, and the what ifs that always linger. How we can never undo our mistakes as much as people say learn from your mistake, we'd rather just undo them, than learn from them. How we find ourselves in situations we never chose to be in.

Reincarnation plants the idea, that somehow in our next life we'll be sure to live life better, somehow we can make it better than the last.

But unfortunately (or fortunately depends on your point of view) we only live once and if we get it right once is more than enough.

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