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See five countries that are against the practice of Christianity

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Shocking but true!

It is shocking that though christianity is one of the largest practiced religion in the world, as much as many accepts this religion, many also kick against it and anything pertaining to it.

Christianity is a world wide religious tradition with diverse representations, beliefs and practices. But it's common source is one : the life, the teachings, the death, and the resurrection of Jesus ( the Christ, the Messiah).

Christianity is one of the most practiced religion in the world especially in Africa and Latin America, it is still the dominant religion tradition of Europe and North America. However,not all countries accepts this religion. Infact, the practice of Christianity in some countries is considered illegal.

Here are five countries that are against Christianity.

1. North Korea

This state practices the totalitarian system, the only thing that North Koreans, are permitted to worship is the country's leader, Kim jong in. Bibles are banned and those found in possession of one face imprisonment, torture and even death.

2. Libya

Libya has laws against bringing Bibles in the Arabic language into the country. The distribution of Bible and evangelism is illegal.

3. Somalia

Christians residing in Somalia face constant persecution from radical islamists and government officials. The prevalence of the Islamic extremist group, al_shabbab means that believers often practice their faith in extreme secrecy and cannot own Bibles.

4. Uzbekistan

In this central Asian dictatorship, high penalties are imposed on those who own Bibles. Authorities are known to detain Christians found in possession of the holy book for"keeping and storing extremist materials with the purpose of further distribution".

5. Morocco

It's against the law to carry a Bible translated into Arabic in Morocco. Reports of convert Christian persecution are few but Christian children are not given a religious education.

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