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8 Powerful Prayer Points For Breakthrough, Favor, Deliverance and Against The Crafts of The Wicked

Eight prayer points for breakthrough, favour and Deliverance.

There are many people caged in the yokes of delay, denial and disappointment. These persons need Deliverance and favour however the only way to get Deliverance and favour is by prayer, the only way to break free is by prayer.

If you are among those who are passing through tough times, if you experience one of the above mentioned then you need this prayer but it is also necessary for those who don't experience the above mentioned because they need to pray for future purpose.

Here are some prayer points that will help you take back what rightfully belongs to you for the Bible says " I wish above all things that you prosperity even as your soul prospers". The Bible also said "my thoughts for you are good and not evil, my thoughts for you is that you have an expected (a good) end.

Before we pray begin to thank God for today, exalt his name, glorify his name, thank him for everything he has done in your life. Bless his holy name.

Now begin

Point 1: Father I pray that the angel of favor locate me. Let strangers favor me in Jesus name.

Point 2: Lord I command the wind of breakthrough to set me free from every yoke of sin, poverty, delay and denial in Jesus name

Point 3: father let every land I find myself favor me, I pray that no land will speak against my success and prosperity in Jesus name.

Point 4: I command the sun and moon to favor me, let the powers in the heavens favor me in Jesus name.

Point 5: My father, My father deliver me from every demonic cycle of disappointment, denial and delay in Jesus name.

Point 6: Father I break free from every ancestral yoke, bondage that is speaking against me in Jesus name.

Point 7: Lord I pray let your angels of favor, Deliverance and breakthrough visit me in Jesus name.

Point 8: My Father, My Father deliver me from the crafts of the wicked in Jesus name.

After prayer begin to thank God for prayer answered. Give him all the glory and all the honor. Praise his holy name.

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