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Pope Francis Calls for end to world’s Poverty

On Wednesday, 5 February, 2020, the Roman Head and the Bishop of Rome, Pope Francis Made a Statement During a Conference on financial Inclusion Organized by international Board.

The Conference is aim to create a Space to tackle the Problem of Poverty in the world as the economy of many undeveloped controls shift from better to Worst. Especially in Africa where 60% of People Live in Abject Poverty and Some have no means of surviving except the intervention of Government Or Wealthy People in the Society.

Pope Francis in his speech during the Conference Talked About Ending World Poverty through the help of world's Rich People.

In a New statement Released on Wednesday, Pope Francis made a call of help to condemn the human act of inequality in Our society basing that the Word "Poverty" will be Outdated if the rich People in our community and the Government will focus on attaining Positivity.

His statement Reads;

“We are neither condemned to inequality nor to paralysis in the face of injustice. The rich world and a prosperous economy can and must end poverty,” the Argentinian pontiff told participants as he made an unscheduled appearance.

“We must be conscious of all being responsible. If extreme poverty exists amid riches which are also extreme it is because we have allowed a gap to grow to become the largest in history,” said Francis, who has made inequality a central theme of his papacy.

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