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3 Powerful Prayer Points

Prayer is the way through which we communicate with God. We tender our requests to him through prayers, and he answers them by granting us those requests.

Every new month, people always pray to God for protection, blessings and the likes to ensure the new month will be a month of blessings and happiness for them.

Below are five prayer points you can include in your prayers to make your new month a month of Victory and blessings.

1. God should order your steps and direct your path

This prayer piznt is very vital because, without God ordering your steps and directing your path, you will end up doing things on your own. And everything you do that he is not involved in it will not yield positive result.

2. God should reveal the source of your problem to you

This prayer point is for those that are having problems, and they have prayed without getting answers. Without knowing the source of your problem it will be hard for you to be able to tackle it. Sometimes our problems is not from our enemies,but we caused it ourselves, so knowing the source of your problems gives you the understanding of how to tackle it.

3. God should be your source of provisions and should see to your finances

If you compare your total earnings per month to your expenses, you will know that God has been the one providing for you. Without God seeing to a man's finance he will end up wallowing in debts.

The Lord will make this month a month of blessings, unmerited favours and greater achievements for us. Just trust in him and your ways shall be prosperous. HAPPY NEW MONTH.

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