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Proclaim These Prayers to Finally Free Yourself From Generational Bondage

1. Prayer of thanksgiving.

2. God let glory speak this year and never be slient. IJN. psalms 30:12

3. Lord, let my life have rest this month according to the book of Genesis 8:4. Bible says and the ark rested in the seventh month, this 17th day of the 7th month let my life have rest. IJN.

4. Every conventant swinging my life to and fro I receive rest this month and I face them IJN.

5. According to the book of Jeremiah 30:16 therefore all that devour thee shall be devoured....., Everyone that prey unpon me this year, God prey upon them IJN.

6. Jeremiah 30:16. Everyone who wants to take me captive oh God take them captive IJN.

7. Jeremiah 30:16. Everyone who has taken me captive oh Lord, let them be desolate IJN.

8. Jeremiah 30:17. God restore my health in every sphere of life financially, spiritually, physically, economically and carer wise. My life receive restoration IJN.

9. Verse 17b of that the same chapter (Jeremiah 30). God heal my wound in this month, everywhere I have been afflicted, everywhere have been bitten by a a scorpion oh Lord heal my wound this month of perfection IJN.

10. Verse 18 of the same chapter(Jeremiah 30). Thus saith the Lord behold, I'll bring again the captivity of Jacob's tents,...... That mercy that has never been received before in my generation I receive it IJN.

11. God snatch my glory from the wickedness of high places of this world and enter in to my glory IJN.


NOTE: You are in this world for three things (1) To fulfill destiny. (2) To rule as a king. (3) To use your glory.

Every power, every might, every spirit, every government and family covenant that does not want me to manifest glory. Lord, kill them this month of perfection IJN. AMEN!!!

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