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One Thing About The Holy Spirit That Christians Ought To Know About

There is one thing about the Holy Spirit which Christians ought to know about, and knowing it will help them submit to him so that he can build them up and also make them prosper, productive, and successful in whatever they do. While there are other things known about the Holy Spirit, this one thing I want to share with you in this article will make you value the fellowship of the Holy Spirit and cooperate with him to please God and attract his blessing upon your life.

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Here is one thing about the Holy Spirit that Christians ought to know about.

According to 1Corinthians 2:10, the Holy Spirit searches all things which are the deep things of God. This means that the Holy Spirit can search the mind of God and know his deep things. This one thing about the Spirit of God is a great advantage for God's children since it means that through consistent fellowship with the Holy Spirit, they can access and know the secrets (deep) things of God.

Since the Holy Spirit searches, knows and also reveals the things of God that are deep, every child of God who submits to God and fears him can always ask the Spirit of God to search God for every secret that will make him or her victorious and successful in life. In Job 29:4&6, through the deep things (secrets) of God revealed to him by the Spirit, he washed his steps with butter and the rock pours out rivers of oil to him, which means he became productive and successful.

As children of God, we should cooperate with the Holy Spirit so that he can help us to search for the deep things of God that will make us prosper and also live a life that pleases God.

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