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3 important points Dr. Enenche gave to his members as he preached on Profitability Of Excellence

Pastor (Dr.) Paul Enenche had told his congregation that there is dignity in labour and there is also profitability in being an excellent person. He said everyone should strive to be an excellent person at all times no matter the condition.

He said the society is in need of excellent people who can bring positive changes. Speaking on the message titled: 'The Profitability Of Excellence' at the headquarters, the founder and senior Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Center told his congregation that excellence brings opportunity for greatness, it brings authority and also excellence brings prosperity.

Preaching during the First Service at The Dome, the Dunamis International Gospel Centre, headquarters, Pastor Enenche told his congregation that biblical David, Daniel and Joseph were excellent during their time hence, they succeeded during the in time.

In this article, I will highlight three important things Pastor Paul Enenche told his congregation when he preached on the profitability of excellence during his sermon at his Church headquarters.

1. There Are Things Spirituality Can Do For You But There Are Things Quality Will Do For You That Only Spirituality Cannot Do:

Pastor Enenche said there are thing spirituality can do for you and there are things quality will also do for you that spirituality cannot do. He said Christians should not substitute 'quality' for 'spirituality'. He noted that some Christian have lost their path because they neglected the role of quality for spiritual.

He encouraged his congregation to be men and women of quality and not quantity.

2. "Excellence Will Bring Opportunity But What You Do With The Opportunity Is What Will Determine Your Impact In Life":

The founder of Dunamis International Gospel Center also told his congregation that excellence will bring opportunity to them but it is left for them to determine what they will do with the opportunity. He said every opportunity should be avenue to impact lives and should not be used for selfish gain.

3. "The Number Of People Who Will Hear You And Be Influenced By You When You Are Up Are More In Number Than Those Who Will Hear You If You Are Down":

In conclusion, Pastor Enenche said there are many people who will hear from a man of excellence than those who will from a man who is not excellence in his doings. He said many people have lost their value because they are not giving out quality things to the society.

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