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5 Great and Special Rewards Jesus Promised Those Who Overcome at the End

Jesus Christ revealed to John, the writer of the book of Revelation, some outstanding rewards that no other man can give to anyone. He made this known by symbolizing these rewards in the form of things that seemed to be unrealistic. However, they are real things.

The first of these expensive rewards is the Tree of Life. (Revelation 2:7). The Tree of Life is NOT a literal tree but it symbolizes the life and nature of God. This was the same nature of God that was in the garden of Eden in the beginning, which Adam lived with.(Genesis 2).

The second great reward was the Hidden Manna. (2:17). The Hidden Manna is nothing but the Life of Christ, as He Himself said to the Jews that He is the Manna from Heaven (John 6:32–48). Moreover, the Hidden Manna in the Bible was the practice of the Old testament whereby Moses kept some portion of the Manna in the Ark, which meant that the Ark consisted the Word of God, which is the Word of Life.

The third reward is the White Stone. (Revelation 2:17). A stone in the Word of God represents the Divine Truth. And when it is called, White, then the Truth is pure. So, in comparison with Revelation 3:12, this same reward is called a "pillar in the temple", which is also used to represent the truth of God that upholds the body of Christ, (Galatians 2:9). The overcomers in the kingdom of God will be significant embodiment of Truth as pillars are important to a building.

Power over the nations is the fourth great reward. (Revelation 2:26). It must be noted that power over the nations does not mean nations literally. Rather, it is the authority to rule the heathen and uncircumcised. The uncircumcised in the word of God signifies the evils and falsehood of the world, where darkness rules. But in the kingdom of Christ, the overcomers will rule together with Him with a strong authority (i.e, iron scepter) over principalities and powers of darkness.

And lastly, Jesus promised to give The Morning star to everyone who overcomes at the end. (Revelation 2:28). The morning star in those days was the title or epithet given to the planet Venus as seen in the early morning or at dawn. It is seen to be the brightest star in the sky. Likewise, this idea was conveyed by the writer to describe the outstanding and glorious nature of those who overcome. They will shine as the brightest stars, enlightening others in tbe kingdom of God.

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