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Controversy as Bishop Oyedepo issues words about tithing

Bishop David Oyedepo a foremost preacher and founder of winners Chapel International as took to his official twitter handle to state that anyone who doesn’t pay tithe is under a financial curse, and such person can never prosper.

He tweeted “Tithing is an inescapable covenant obligation. Prosperity not just wealth is impossible without tithing, because when you’re not paying your tithe, you’re under a financial curse. #Tithe #Breakinglimits”.

The statement have generated so much heat on social media as some twitter users have agreed with him while others are against the statement.

Some tweets reads:

King Micheal The 4th replied.......

But Jesus Christ our lord the owner of the church never threatened nor force anyone on tithing sake….he who comes to me shall by no means be cast away. How will he now curse those who believe in him because of 10% of their salaries. God is a merciful and loving God. God is love.

Winning Winnie tweeted.........

We that are paying the tithe have seen the benefits, and we are enjoying it.

The issue on tithing as been a debated issue in the Christian religion, some pastors and men of God has advocated for it and has encourage their members to do so, while some believes tithing is of the old testament, and it was not stated in the new testament.

While everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, what is your own view about tithing? Have you been tithing? Do you believe in it? Will you encourage others to do so?


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