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Forgiveness And 3 Other Important Things Christians Should Do To Others Always

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In a society, one of the key pillars that foster peaceful coexistence is a good relationship. Members of the society must have good working relationships with one another for the collective progress of the society. This truth is also applicable to Christians as members of the body of Christ.

Unfortunately, many Christians have been carried away, they now pattern their lives in conformity to worldly dictates. Many Christians now see their fellow brethren as rivals, a situation that ought not to be mentioned within the church. 

This unfortunate development is because some vital Biblical virtues are lacking in the lives of many believers. Below are four of such virtues Christians must demonstrate to one another daily. 

Genuine Forgiveness 

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Jesus Christ admonished believers to forgive those that offend them so that God can forgive them. Forgiveness is important because no human being is perfect. Offenses will definitely arise between brethren but with sincere forgiveness, they will continue to live in peace.


Christianity is a religion that preaches love. Christians ought to always exercise true love towards one another. Where love exists, it will be difficult for brethren to work against each other. Genuine love ensures that believers sacrifice for each other.

Brotherly Care 

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Welfare is one important aspect of the early church that has been rendered insignificant by contemporary believers. The early believers were very committed to this task, ensuring that no member of the church is left behind. Christians need to revitalize this unique virtue of brotherly care for one another.

Asking For Forgiveness Repeatedly 

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One of the strongest challenges that are dividing the church today is the inability of believers to ask for forgiveness from those they have wronged. Peaceful coexistence can not be possible in an environment where pride is dominant. 

 When we offend others, we must humble ourselves and ask for pardon. Asking for forgiveness does not reduce you, it's a sign that you are a true Christian and you have a big heart. 

As a believer how many of the aforementioned acts do you express to those around you daily?

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