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3 Morning Prayers You Should Say Before You Begin Your Day's Activities

Morning prayer is very important in the life of every Christian because it serves as one of the effective way you communicate to your heavenly father concerning your day's activities, it is a medium you use to submit our problems to God at the same time telling him your daily plans. Morning prayers is used to thank God for the maximum protection he gave to you last night child of God if you are alive today say thank you Lord.

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Honestly, It is of no doubt that you will be successful if you seek the face of the lord by praying in the morning because God promised us in Matthew 6:33 "But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you".

In this regards, try these three morning prayers before you begin your today's activities and see the good things the lord will do for you because he is the God of mercy.

1. First, give thanks to God for the life he gave to you because so many slept last night but was not in the land of the living this morning.

Prayer: Almighty father, I thank you for giving me the privileged to see this morning God by your mighty hand that pushed away Pharaoh's chariots in the red-sea, establish my destiny in the midst of enemies today in Jesus name. Father this morning I command every demonic power holding my break through, my peace and progress to loose and release them in Jesus name.

2. Ask for forgiveness of sin because the lord made know to us in Isaiah 59 that his ear is not far to hear our prayers but it's our sins that is a hindrance to our prayers, promise God that you will not sin again because whoever confesses his or her sins and also forsake them will obtain mercy from the mighty God.

Prayer: In the glorious name of our lord and saviour Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Dear father I come against any wrong foundation, evil foundation, satanic foundation, demonic foundation that my ancestral family has built on in Jesus name.

3. Ask God to bless you and your family, also remind him for the good health and flavor he promised in psalm 5:12 which says "God will bless the righteous, surround him with favor like a shield, gives good health, and makes him prosper".


Oh lord, I command the foundation of holiness and righteousness, prosperity, longevity, fruitfulness and love to be laid on me today in Jesus name.

Thank you Abba father for answering my prayers in Jesus name.

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