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Bishop David Oyedepo Should Stop Preaching about Tithe and Offerings [opinion]

I will encourage all readers to read till the end before making comments and contribution to this article. I will advise that no reader should stop half way and conclude.

One of the most controversial and most argued topics in Christianity is the tithes and offerings. Many Christians believe that this is a thing of the past (Old Testament) and sees any pastor that is preaching about tithing as a fraudulent pastor. When it comes to topics like tithing even those who are not Christians will even be contributing into it and I will be like, what a world.

Bishop Oyedepo is a very great man of God in Nigeria and has changed the life of many people all over the world. His church which is identified as the Living Faith Bible Church (winner’s chapel) has a very large number of members and is known for righteous teachings.

Of recent, people all over Nigeria were all reacting to one of his topics on tithing especially the point where he said that you can never get rich without tithing. Many people reacted to this topic including many Nigerians celebrity both in the Christian and circular world. Musicians, comedians and so on where reacting to this topic via their different social media handle.

I noticed that this has not been the first time that this issue is coming up again. In time past when this man of God preaches about tithing, many people will be reacting against it. I think the reason is because of how wealthy he is. I think most Nigerians think that he is getting rich through the tithe of people but many of them have forgotten that he own one of the most expensive universities in Nigeria.

I will like to share my own opinion on this topic and will like you all to also express your after reading and how will you do that? All you have to do is to use the comment section below to express what you think about this issue on ground. Yes, I know that Bishop David Oyedepo is well respected and very rich, I know that this happened as a result of his faithfulness to God but I think it is high time he stop preaching about tithes and offerings and my reasons for saying this will be made known to you as you read.

Below are my reasons for saying that Bishop David Oyedepo should stop preaching about tithe and offering:

A word is enough for the wise: I want to comment Bishop David Oyedepo for not relenting in his right teachings but I think a word is enough for the wise. A wise man won’t allow you speak twice before taking a decision on something. As he has spoken, many almost all Nigerians have heard and the wise ones will follow his word in order to be blessed. If he continues repeating it, those who will be reacting against it will still reacting negatively. I think the wise once have already heard it and God kn0ows that he has done his part.

Fame: I noticed that some people what to use this teaching on tithes and ofereni9ng for fame. He has spoken well but some people will speak against him even when they know that he is saying the right thing just to get famous. Many Nigerians are saying all sorts of ill words about this his teaching knowing full well that he is right.

Impact: by the grace of God the evidence of tithing can be seen in the life of the man of God. He has been blessed by God beyond man expectation and I know God still has a lot for him. In this case, I will suggest that he should reduce or stop his teachings on tithe and offering. Even a blind man who can’t see will hear of what God is doing in his life. If they can’t look at his life and pay their tithes, I don’t think that teaching will change them. I feel most of them have been given to a reprobate mind to do that which is wrong.

Level: I come to realize that there is a big difference between level and pride. The level at which God has taken this man of God to is very high. This teaching on tithe and offerings has made many people who are not even up to his standard to insult him online. But there is one thing I like about him and that is, he has responded none of them. This shows his level of maturity and humility. I pray that God will continue to lift him higher and higher.

There are many reasons but I will stop here for now. And all those that are speaking against him, I have an advice for you. He did not force you to pay tithe but only told you the truth, if you like you pay and if you don’t you leave. Nobody is forcing you but I assure you that givers never lack and God has always been blessing tithe payers.

If you have any question to ask the author. Do will to use the comment section below, I promise to reply all questions as soon as possible. Also those of you that have one form of contribution or the order should make it known via the comment box so that other readers can know your own take in this matter.

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