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Midnight prayers Against the Power of Limitations


By fire destroy every curse of limitation in you. Uproot every satanic hold up against you. Clear off every satanic road block by fire. Destroy every millipede concotion working against you. Clear off baalzebub web cast over your life. Nullify satanic prophecy against yourdestiny. Crush every witchcraft concourse against you.

Children of God are not born to suffer in the evil hands of our enemies, may we be prosperous in Jesus mighty name.

By fire nullify every prayer against your prayers. Pull down wall of Jericho against your success. Break every humiliating power of All satanic arrows over you. Crush every philistine sponsored giant against you. Break every evil altar affecting your progress.

Crush fear and witchcraft intimidations. Crush every opposition against your possession. Holy Spirit increase my speed and my efforts. Thank God for putting you on a fast lane.

As we believe that God has answered our prayers in Jesus name.

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Holy Spirit Jericho


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