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You Are Not A Poor Specimen As A Child Of God

God didn't create you to be weak and feeble. He created you to be a ruler, leader and champion on earth. That's why you should know you are not a poor specimen as a child of God. No matter what the trials and tribulations knocking on your door maybe, you are born to be great and to rule on earth, nothing more, nothing less. Have that consciousness at the back of your mind. The devil cannot harm you because you are a god born of God (Psalm 82:6).

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Let look at the word ‘specimen;’ going by the dictionary meaning it simply means “an individual instance that represents a class”, and this should tell you that as a child of God you represent a God class. You are mighty through the mighty man in battle, you are born to rule through the ruler of the universe. You are not a poor specimen and don't allow the devil to make you one.

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The devil plans are to come to steal, kill and destroy and that's not for God's children, his plans are not meant for you because you are a king in God's vineyards and the devil cannot come close to you because you have God DNA in you. This means you can withstand whatever the devil throws at you, whatever troubles come your way. You are not the hungry trying to get food, you are a supplier and not the beggar.

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Proverb 24:10 (TLB) says; “You are a poor specimen if you can't stand the pressure of adversity.” This shouldn't be your case because God people are soldiers and they are born victorious, they are overtakers, overcomers and winners through Christ Jesus who strengthens them. That's why you are not a poor specimen as a child of God.

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You are a divine project born to lead, born to be superior and to be the boss anywhere you find yourself. This should be your case, it should be your plans and wish as well. 2 Timothy 2:3 says, “Thou, therefore, endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.” Some people endure with tears but as a Christian whatever is thrown in your way, do so with joyfulness because you are not a poor specimen.

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Know that you have God in you, you are not the poor trying to get rich, you are born rich to empower others. Have this consciousness that you are not a poor specimen because you have God and his words with you always.

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