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Why Planes Can Not Fly Over The Kaaba

The Muslims Kaaba is located in the ancient kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in Meccah. The Kaaba is qibla of the Muslims all over the whole world. It is like a symbol of the Islamic world as all Muslims turn their faces to the direction of the Kaaba during prayers.

The Kaaba has a lot of unique things that are easily misunderstood. Most times people use to misunderstand the fact that birds do not fly over the Kaaba as something beyond ordinary but it is not completely so. The same goes for aircrafts and jets. They can not fly over the Kaaba because there is no air space in Makkah. The Makkah city has no airport and thus no plane flies in Makkah. The Kaaba in one way or the other is being protected from any form of attacks. The presence of airspace would jeopardize the tranquility of the city of Makkah. When next you hear planes do not fly over the Kaaba, it is not because there is a spiritual attached to it.

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