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Prayer for opportunities & against disappointment you need to pray today

Opportunity is a chance for advancement, progress or profit. Opportunity is a favourable circumstance or occasion. The secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for opportunities when they come. Every failure in life is an opportunity to try more intelligently. Many are too afraid to make mistakes, they never attempt anything worthwhile.

 Pray these prayers for new doors of opportunities 

- Before this year ends, great doors of opportunities, open unto me, my spouse, my business and my children's life in the name of Jesus.

- O God! make a way for me: give me the power of opportunities in life; give me true peace that comes from You and make me to be on top of my problems and challenges in the name of Jesus. 

- From now on, I'll begin to move, so that things will begin to move for me in the name of Jesus.

- I'll not paralyze my life with fear of failure even when I haven't made any attempt in Jesus name. 

- My Lord, as I step out today for my daily endeavors, create new opportunities for me in the name of Jesus.

- Father my destiny shall not be held captive in life and I'll not fail in the name of Jesus.

- Failure, you are not in my agenda. Therefore, I cannot and will not fail in the name of Jesus. 

Fear is false expectation appearing real: it also means forget everything and run. It's a force that makes one lose sight of God. God is the greatest of all.

He's the Mighty Man in battle, all powers in Heaven and on earth belong to Him: unlike the spies in Numbers 13:33; you'll not forget who you are and who God is. You'll not belittle God due to challenges for He's bigger than all your challenges. 

- O Lord my Father, I will not be robbed of my glorious opportunities due to fear in Jesus name. 

Don't give up, keep believing in God's divine answer.

 Thank you Abba Father for answered prayers as remain Favoured and ready for your coming in the name of Jesus.

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