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Devotion: His Promises Are Yours To Own

Don't expect bad things to happen, amen, but thank God for his grace and bounce back, amen. Repent, change your mind, amen, and just--change your mind means know that God still loves you, and that's the reason why Christ died on the cross. And you--in fact, you remind yourself afresh, Christ died for this sin also, amen.

But don't expect something bad to happen to your family. Don't expect something bad to happen to your body. Don't expect something bad to happen in your future. Don't expect something bad to happen to your business. Don't expect something bad to happen to your ministry. Don't expect something bad to happen to you, because the moment you do that, all right, you are saying my performance--

Again, you have a mentality of God will bless me if I obey. God will curse me if I disobey. That's the mentality of the law. You are righteous by faith. You're not righteous by your works. You are the righteousness of God as a gift, by faith.

It's not keeping the law, it is Jesus. Because of Jesus, amen, the blessing comes on us. Can I have a good amen?

When Jesus was crucified, all of us were crucified, and we all died with him. Our first man, our old man that was always giving us trouble, has been crucified. God doesn't stop there. God doesn't stop with death.

When Jesus rose from the dead, amen, we all rose from the dead, from the river of judgment, with him. That's what baptism is a picture of. We are all on resurrection ground.

That's why the Bible says, "Act like you have been risen with Christ." You are a resurrected being. You're not gonna die, you know? A Christian, if his heart stop beating, he falls asleep. He cannot die anymore. We have passed from death unto life

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