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2 Things All Christians Need To Learn From The Lifestyle Of Late Pastor Yonngi Cho

Pastor David Yonngi Cho was an anointed man of God and a famous preacher in South Korea. His death came like a surprise to the hears of some men of God and Christians across the globe. His presence is recognized all over the world, because of his commitment and service to God's work. Pastor Yonngi Cho passed away after suffering from a brain hemorrhage which was diagnosed last year. He has left a very big vacuum that can only be occupied by someone who is committed, devoted and righteous to the word of God. He has achieved great things on earth and through his ministry, many have received the light of God. His ministry has grown to become one of the highest congregations in the world.

His lifestyle has taught many Christians and men of God the way of the Lord and has trained them to become leaders and teachers of the word. There are some important lifestyles of Pastor Yonngi Cho that Christians can learn.

- His Spiritual Commitment

Pastor Yonngi Cho is known for his commitment to the service of God. Many people learn from him because of the way he devoted his time and resources to make sure the work of God progress and prosper. His commitment to the service of God has made him famous all over the country. His service to God make other anointed and spirit-filled men of God seek his presence. Also because of his spiritual commitment, Christians in Asia love listening to his teaching.

- His Attitude To Giving

This is also one of his lifestyle Christian need to learn and put into practice. Pastor Yonngi Cho is known for his free will giving and helping those who are desperately in need. He is also recognized as a philanthropist who always rendered help to people around him.

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