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"Must women retain their father's surnames in marriage, Is it biblical"? No, see why(Opinion)

I'm pro-women's rights because equal justice for everyone is important to me. I hate injustice. Unfortunately, not all women who are pro-women's rights are so because of noble reasons, just like not all people who support any cause are in support for noble reasons.

That said, the concern of my thoughts now is not every woman but the Christian woman who swallows every seeming pro-woman ideology without checking to see if it aligns or is in agreement with her faith. It makes me wonder if our rights as women have become more important than our worship of God and our submission to Him?

I've been seeing and hearing the 'woke' ideology that says that a woman does not have to bear her husbands surname when she gets married and my concern about the people drinking this nice-sounding cup of poison is not every woman but the 'Christian woman'.

As a Christian woman who hates injustice regardless of who it is being meted out to and especially when it concerns a woman ( because I am a woman and can very easily identify with the challenges of a woman). I still cannot comprehend why Christian women swallow every seeming 'pro-woman ideology' without checking to see if it aligns or is in agreement with her faith. 

What does marriage mean in the Christian faith? What does marriage mean to God? How does God define marriage? For the believer, is marriage not an earthly shadow of the relationship between Christ and His church? Is it not a covenant between man and woman? I

Is it not a covenant relationship that has the husband (man) as the 'head' of the wife? I know we don't really like to hear it but..., Is the Husband not called The Lord of His wife? (Calm down, don't panic. Lord doesn't mean abuser, at least that's not what God meant or intended it to mean, it's foolish & wicked people who twisted it but that's another's day talk).

Is the husband not the one who marries a wife? Is the husband not the God instituted leader of the family? Whether we like it or not, the names we bear show who we belong to and men were made name bearers by God. This is why we bear our father's names. A man's children are identified by his name. A man's wife is identified by his name. A man's family is also identified by his name. It does not reduce the woman in any way. 

Patricahy is something God instituted Himself. I don't fight against it because I know it and I know that in its pure form it acts as a system of protection and support for the woman. What is evil are the impure and corrupted versions of patriarchy.

So, please, how in a Christian sister's mind, do you process the woke information that when a man marries you, you can retain your father's surname? How can you be married to another man and have him as your head and bear your father's surname?

Are you your father's wife? Or your supposed 'identity' is in your father's surname? I thought a Christian's identity was rooted alone in Christ Jesus? Do you not know that when you marry a man you come under his authority and covering? Or are you a Head unto your own self?

If as a woman you don't want to be married because of your love for independence and you want to be your own head, honestly there's nothing wrong with it. But there's something wrong as a Christian woman when you want to come under a man's covering and leadership in a marriage covenant but at the same time not answer His name. It's like coming and going at the same time.

In coming under Christ, are we not named by the Name of Christ? You have to choose where you stand. You can't be one leg in and one leg out. As a child of God, many ideologies in the world will sound nice and even beneficial to us, but they are devils trap.

Not very nice looking and sounding ideology is of God. That's how the devil lured Eve to eat a nice looking fruit that later turned into a curse. Many things sound smart but if they are not in alignment with God's Truth, Please throw them away.

Truly, many husbands have unfairly and unjustly used their authority and role of headship to abuse their wives and made a mess of their lives so it is understandable when the younger generation wants to be smart and cook up methods to avoid the unfortunate ditches that other women fell into because of the men they married,

But the solution is not to go against God's methods. Our ways are not and cannot be higher than His ways. There are wise and pragmatic things to do in order to avoid being yoked with wicked and unreasonable men for husbands and even in the eventual unfortunate case that a person is found with one, the solution is still not by acting in rebellion against God and becoming a god unto our own selves or in copying the ways of the world that says to not accept your husband's name.

It is not by retaining your father's surname after marrying a man. That is defiance to your husband and to your God who instituted marriage and how it should work. The Bible Specifically Warns Us Not To Copy The Ways and Behaviors Of This World. You Are Not Your Own. You Are A Daughter of God. 

Don't Act Like The Unrestrained Daughters Of The World. They Are Not Under The Government Of God. They Are Godless and Consequently Their Ways and Methods Would Be Godless Ones That Do Not Acknowledge God and His Ways. It May Sound Like They're Smart But You Know Better. In Reality, They Are Really Being Seduced By The Devil's Lies and his path of destruction.

You Bow Only To God. Because He Alone Is Our God and We Know He Is Wiser Than Any Woke Ideology. Remember that God's wisdom will always sound like foolishness to the world but the world's wisdom only ends in tears. God Is Pro-Women too. Ask Sarah. Ask Esther. Ask The Husbands Whose Prayers Bounce Off The Ceiling Walls and Whose Tilling Soils Have Been Made Rocks Because Of Their Wickedness To Their Wives.

You're Not Helpless Because You're A Woman. You Have God's Attention. And His Fight & Support Is All You Need. Just Do Your Own Part By Submitting To His Methods.

Leave The World. Follow Him. You May Look Foolish But You Can Never Be Foolish For Following God.

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