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Pray these prayers before going to bed today.

God's love upon mankind cuts across all barriers. It is not time restricted; though one can choose to acknowledge and accept this love early than wait to be in a critical moment before doing so. 

Nevertheless, one can always count on God's love anytime, anywhere. Praise God! 

In our text today, this criminal made good use of the opportunity he had by turning to Jesus while the other one lost out entirely. May God direct you to choose wisely in your moments of decision. He had faith that Jesus has the power to save him from eternal condemnation. God requires us to be positive in our dealings with him. How often do you tell people about this love of God that assures you of eternal bliss? 

Prayer points 

1. Present your sins to the Lord and ask for his forgiveness. 

2. Oh Lord please take away every evil spirit causing me to always violate your commandments and restore me back to the exact way you made me from heaven. 

3. Every garment of sorrows, tears and failures begin right now to destroy by fire, in Jesus name. 

4. Every garment of poverty placed by the evil ones in my family, I command you to catch fire right now, in Jesus name. 

5. By faith, I welcome the garment of joy, prosperity, heavenly riches and breakthrough, in Jesus name. 

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