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Opinion: Why All Pentecostal Churches Should Accept The Pope As Their Leader

Today the Pope is considered as the holiest, most respected and one of the most protected man in the world. The pope who is also called the supreme pontiff, the Roman pontiff, the bishop of Rome, the chief pastor of the worldwide Catholic Church, and head of state or sovereign of the Vatican City State.

The pope being the head of the Catholic Church is widely seen as a symbol of peace around the world. The pope is a spiritual and humble man who seeks to follow the instructions of God and just like Jesus in the Bible have taken a vow of poverty, back in 2001 the Vatican confirmed that no pope have ever been paid salary.

In Nigeria today there are two type of churches,

1. The Catholic Church

2. The Pentecostal Church

Both the Catholic and the Pentecostal church worship the same God, believe in the same God and follow the teachings from the Holy Bible. They both consider themselves the body of Christ Jesus and believe he died on the cross to wash away their sins and give them eternal life in heaven.

It should be noted that the Catholic Church is the first church and also the church which other churches were created from, if that's the truth, wouldn't it be the right thing to do for all churches around the world to unite under one leadership and have one leader, The Pope. This will help grow the church of God and spread the gospel through out the world at a more faster pace.

Today the body of Christ is more divided and need to unite to be strong to face the persecution of Christians around the world, the only person that can bring and give such leadership is the Pope the head of all churches around the world. With the Pope leading the Pentecostal Church their will be an end or a reduction in fake prophet who scams believers in Christ for money, the pope leadership will bring sanity and trust back to the church. The pope leadership will also bring and end to the division of Christians especially in Nigeria.

Pentecostal churches in Nigeria such, The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Living Faith, Deeper Life Church, Dunamics International Gospel Church etc, needs to lead the way and bring all church of God under one umbrella. Powerful men of God like Pastor Adeboye, Pastor Kumuyi, Pastor Paul Enenche Pastor David Oyedepo and others needs to come together to unite the church under one leadership.

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