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3 principles of becoming successful in life.

There is an adage that mumbles that "Success is not by many struggles but by grace and ideas because if It is by many struggles, then the wheelbarrow pushers will be the riches amongst us". This adage highly enumerates that there are spiritual principles that one must adapt to be attaining success.

Many people struggle hard yearly without any better achievement to ascertain for, during the winding up of the year.

3 principles that might be of assistance to becoming successful in life:

1. Change of inimical environment:

Using Abraham as a case study. He was asked to leave his father's territory to the place where God has destined him for his blessings. Many people like Abraham are yet to discover their destined area for blessings and success, hence they're forever stocked to one environment or work till their death without attaining success. However, a change of environment for greener pastures and success achievement will go a long way in assisting one to attain success.

2. Change of inimical name:

Jabez deterred the curses behind his quandary by changing his name which was his source of being fruitless and unsuccessful even though he was hard working. Many people have been dormant and stagnant because of the bad influence their names have over them. Hence there is every need to change that name to a better one with good and positive influence.

3. Change of family background on born again:

There are foundations that our forefathers laid on some gods which are not interested in their success but only derive pleasure from the sacrifices offered to them. Therefore, one ought to break free from these gods by being changing one's foundation through genuine repentance and being born again.

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