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Why most muslims prefer using male rams to celebrate Eid el kabir instead of other farm animals

According to the islamic calender, muslims all over the world celebrate Eid twice a year to commemorate firstly the birth of prophet Muhammed(SAW), and secondly the obedience of prophet Ibrahim.Eid-el-kabir is reffered to as the biggest muslim celebration worldwide because of its significance to the muslim faith.

during this celebration, affluent Muslims who can afford it sacrifice their best halal domestic animals (usually a camel, goat, cow, sheep, or ram depending on the region).

Muslims commemorate Bakrid to mark Prophet Ibrahim's willingness to sacrifice his own son as an act of obedience and devotion towards God.

According to the Holy Quran, immediately the prophet was about to slaughter his only son as he was instructed, suddenly a Ram appeared and he sacrificed the Ram instead of his son. Since then, it became a rite for Muslims who possess the means to offer animal sacrifices, annually, on the 10th day of the Islamic lunar month.

Muslims worldwide celebrate the festival by sacrificing a male ram as a symbol of the same sacrifice that Ibrahim had gone through.

may Eid-el-Kabir remind muslims to imbibe the habit of sacrifice and love for one another as characterised by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

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