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Say This Morning Prayer To Command Your Day

Early morning prayers have the power to bring good news and to thwart any evil plots made against you for the day. It can renew and recharge your soul. It will assist you in staying on track with your daily objectives. The key is prayer. Using prayers to command your day can give you the ability to dominate it. However, Jesus Christ began and completed his ministry with prayers. No of how important our occupations are, as Christians, we should make it a practice to begin each day with a little prayer point. This simple deed will assist you in achieving your goals. It's a guarantee if the Bible says he'll bless you're going out and coming in.

Morning prayers can be a great source of hope and joy for Christians who have resolved to do something good in their lives. Focusing your mind on asking God's intervention for the day ahead is a great moment and a good thing to do as a child of God. Morning Prayer not only deepens our relationship with God, but it also instills enthusiasm and motivation in the spirit when we pray with other believers. If you notice that praying first before going out has brought you a lot of good, it can serve as a motivator to keep doing it.

Confession: Greetings, Lord! You've ushered me into the dawn of a new day. I pray that you will renew my heart with Your strength and purpose, just as the world is renewed fresh, and pure. Please forgive me for my mistakes from yesterday and bless me to walk closer to You today. Today is the first day of my new life; shine through me so that everyone I meet can sense Your presence in me. Take my hand, dear Lord, for I am unable to make it on my own. Amen.

Now, go on your knees this minute and say this powerful prayer after me to command goodness and prosperity into your day.

Heavenly Father, King of Glory! I worship your holy name for your love for me and my family. Jehovah, your kindness endures forever and your mercy is marvelous in my academic and career, O Lord on this glorious day in the morning I hereby, return all glory and adorations to your holy name, in the mighty name of Jesus.

Thank you, Jesus, for acting in your power and authority to save my soul from death and to prevent my destiny from being destroyed. I thank you, Lord, for the salvation of my soul. Your plans and thoughts for me always lead to my success in every difficulty. I am aware, O Lord, that your presence has left many individuals. I praise You because I trust you will never abandon me or forsake me.

I praise you, Lord, for not allowing my foes to rejoice because of me. Father, I am grateful for everything You have done in my life, both seen and unseen. I am grateful to You, Lord, for allowing everything to come across my path during my hardships. Thank you for allowing me to make decisions and for the lessons that these decisions have taught me. Words cannot describe my gratitude and devotion to You, Lord. Because Your strong might is reforming and renewing my mind in me.

As you set out today, looking for your daily bread, our heavenly Father, king of Glory will be merciful unto you. He will make your way successful, fruitful, and prosperous. May his eyes be upon you to instruct and teach you where to turn to at the crossroad of life. May He guide your ways with His mighty hands and lead you to your still waters. The power of the Highest God shall be seen in your life always. You will achieve your goals, your good dreams shall be transformed into reality in Jesus Christ's name, Amen.

Good morning and have a blissful day.

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